Valour from Within

Upkeep I (Session Four)

Hello, it is your Goddex speaking.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Between the chaos of the player’s schedules, illness, and the DM actually having a job for once, scheduling has been a nightmare. But tonight, we finally played.

We say goodbye to Broadbeard and his player, Rowan, as our group schedule conflicts with her sleeping schedule. Thank you for sharing your fantastic character with us, Rowan!

They had a chat with Solana and Carmen, who revealed that despite escaping Whitecliff, are still held by the intricacies of politics and cannot legally tie the bind just yet. They offered to explain their story at the local pub.

The King of Whitecliff was known for his political proweress, and often hosted cultural events where people from the nearby cities would bring their best and brightest to show off their skill. Thelallona brought Solana and her mother, who were both esteemed rangers. Through this, she met Carmen, who was just beginning her rebellious phase and was fascinated by Elven archery & ranger culture.

She began training with Solana in private, and they fell in love. They began a secret relationship only shared between themselves, and after many years, they finally managed to hatch a plan to get Carmen free from the grasp of her horrible father. The rest is history.

With the group levelling up after having a wonderful meal, they checked their inventory, and went shopping.

Upon return, Solana and Carmen informed them of a problem that needed a close quarters touch, as they were both archers. A ranger group had gone missing investigating an apparently haunted house, and needed the group’s help.

The group chose to deal with it in the morning, and camped up in the Ranger’s camp. Thelallona architecture is beautiful, it’s interwoven with nature, sharing the space instead of occupying it. The group is lead out to the edge of Thelallona’s main city, to the largest forest they’ve ever seen. The trees are incomprehensibly huge, and within the treeline, is a multitude of fires and multiple rangers milling about. They’re told to grab a hammock hanging from the trees, sleep close together, and Carmen and Solana will find them in the morning.

It was a short but sweet session, but totally satisfying.

Tune in next time to see the spooky haunted house, and if they either go Scooby Doo or Resident Evil 6.

… and they better start praying to me, your Goddex and extraordinarily gay DM, Asari.



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