Valour from Within

New Lands, New Discoveries (Session Three)

Hello, it is your Goddex speaking.

Another week’s delay because mother nature thought it’d be rather funny to coup de gras my crotch. Oopsie daisy. But regardless, we finally got to have our third session, which was very roleplay heavy and was an absolute joy to experience.

Please refer to the last adventure log, Of Horses and Sea, to see where we last left off.

While Carmen disposes of the bodies, Royal attempts to help, rolls a -1 and eats shit on the deck. He plays a sad tune while multiple members ask where they’re going and why. They’re heading off to Thelallona “because”. At a failed apology and attempt to show cleavage from Astor, Geovanna approaches and kindly asks why they’re heading to Thelallona.

Carmen divulges the difficulty of growing up with a sexist father, and admits she had already had found a love and could not stand to keep it quiet and keep it so far away any longer. She just asks for patience.

They talk to Jackie, the helmswoman, ex-pirate and peg leg extraordinaire, if she needs help navigating. She says no, explains the reason of her peg leg (much bigger than a shark and destroyed her third ship) and tells the party to go the fuck to sleep.

So they do.

They wake up to Jackie kicking them awake (with Ryuu blowing lightning into the wood), and Carmen gone. They briefly panic (well, Royal does anyway), and go above deck to find cooking gruel and Jackie at the helm. Royal asks, and Jackie facepalms, and Royal actually looks up to see Carmen in the crows nest looking towards the horizon.

Character interactions happen, with Jackie throwing her peg leg at Royal (of which he keeps after she pulls out another peg leg), and Carmen skilfully descending the sails and thanking Royal for his… romantic interest.

Arguments happen, and Ryuu intimidates Merley after being insulted, causing Merley to shit herself.

Astor aptly asks where Carmen learnt how to shoot and how she became skilled in archery, and she said despite her dad being sexist and confined by rules, she went behind his back to teach herself with some help.

Merley asked why the food tasted unspiced and wasn’t flavourful, to which Jackie just asks “do you see a single plant around us?” and gestures at the ocean.

More character interactions happen, and it’s glorious. (Discussing how they met, and why they like each other.)

They finally discussed the golden necklace around Carmen’s neck, which they figured out was of Elven make, and Royal figured out that it was written in Thelallolan Elvish dialect.

Royal manages to lay Jackie, or is it vice versa? Who knows.

Two weeks pass of them somehow managing to entertain themselves, and they finally land in Thelallona. The port is ram packed, so many elves everywhere, and so much food. Carmen is practically impatient as they take an hour to pull up, and by the time the gangplank has dropped, she vaults off the boat. The party watches as she runs into the arms of her lover, a very tall, a beautiful dark skinned with beautiful afro hair, also has golden tattoos, and embraces her and kisses her. After a few minutes, they separate, and Carmen introduces the party to her fiancée, Solana.

Tune in next time to see how gay this campaign gets, and if they can handle how adorable Carmen and Solana are.

… and they better start praying to me, your Goddex and extraordinarily gay DM, Asari.



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