Valour from Within

Holy Crit (Session Ten)

Hello, it is your Goddex speaking.

Happy belated holidays!

We’re at the Infected Goblin nest cave network thing, and one thing the party instantly noticed was the sheer heat coming out the one entrance. A mixture of decomposing and live heat and it having nowhere to escape made the nest essentially an oven. Inside, they could see glowing goop and viscera.

Ryuu was the only one who made the constitution save to not get affected by the heat, avoiding nonlethal damage.

They decided to check out Room 5 first, fighting 3 infected goblins of which Ryuu was the first to get bit. They figured that the bite was fine for now, but needed to be attended to by a cleric as soon as possible. And then the looting began, with Royal elected as party treasurer.

Next they went to the North section into the described ‘t-pose’ area, and went left first, encountering their first ever Cave Fisher. Filen was instantly terrified because he hates bugs, and Royal discovered the buffing power of classic metal music which seemed to really empower the party, most particularly Filen.

Then they went down to Room 3, edging around Room 2, and were almost walking straight through Room 3 when Astor and her eagle eyes spotted a chest, to which Filen broke the lock (instead of opening it) and looted the entire contents.

Then they went to the “penis” of the dungeon, of which the entire party went right down to the dead end, turned around and discovered an entire hoard of infected goblins running right at them. They were struggling to fight such a disgusting wave of goblinflesh when Royal had the fantastic idea of putting them all to sleep which went incredibly well. It was arguably the smartest move anyone had done in this campaign so far.

With all the goblins asleep (all 8 of them), they slowed cycled the players around, performing instant crits on unconscious helpless targets. One by one, they all fell down.

Now that the hoard was dead, they moved into the “balls” of the dungeon, where Ryuu almost fell into a camouflaged pit with a 30ft drop. At the bottom, he spotted an unlocked chest, to which he tied his hempen rope around himself and Astor climbed down, retrieving the contents.

With that done, they swung back up into Room 4, fought another Cave Fisher. Merley managed to lodge her quarterstaff inbetween its armour somehow, and they struggled to finish it off until Astor came out of left field and absolutely obliterated it into giblets.

Soon after that, the party managed to clear and check that the rest of the dungeon was safe, so that the Straight-backed goblins from the last session could start planting explosives. Ten minutes passed, and the goblins came out with an armful of wires, of which they attached to a strange box. They told the party to cover their ears, and set off the explosions.

Everyone held their ground against the shockwave bar Merley, who was threw back and ended up rolling down a hill.

With the nest sorted, and the Straight-backed goblins happy with the results, they decided to set up camp right outside for the night just to make sure and we ended the session.

It was a fantastic session to start the new year off with, and everyone had a ton of fun. This pleases me, the Goddex, the great Asari, and I hope to see you all next time when the party gets their reward.



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