Valour from Within

Drawbridges (Session One)

Hello, it is your Goddex speaking.

Our first session was a major success, with everyone having fun. Rolls were had, and the dice gods blessed and damned many.

To remind you all, the party, as a branch of the Ebon Adventuring Group, got hired out by Princess Carmen to kidnap herself. All they actually have to do is pull it off.

Let’s see what our intrepid adventurers got up to.

We started off outside Lorechester castle, with the party looking at a raised drawbridge.

Royal and Merley stand on the opposite side of the drawbridge and distracted the guards. Ryuu pushed Astor into the moat in an attempt to throw her, while Broadbeard literally chucked Filen at the wall. Filen scrambled up, got distracted by food, and alerted 2 guards on the drawbridge.

Astor saw what was happened, scrambled up herself, and started initiative. Filen begged for mercy successfully (he was just so hungry!), but Astor tried to slice guard 2’s throat, but got interrupted by the other guard. They both got slapped about, Broadbeard intimidated them, the casters got involved, guard 1 jumped off the bridge in fear. Guard 2 pointed and laughed when Ryuu tried to intimidate.

After another shitty intimidation check, guard 2 decided he wasn’t getting paid enough for this shit, and backflipped off. After some poor strength checks to crank that crank, they just dropkicked it and lowered it down quietly.

So they make their way through the courtyard, and get stopped at the main door by two guards. The guards ask them what they’re doing – Royal convinced the guards that they’re entertainers. They make their way up to Princess Carmen, and after finding out what actually is her room (and Royal checking out her ass), Princess Carmen notices Royal and invites them in. Royal kisses her hand, and picks her up bridal style, and she’s not impressed.

To make it look like a kidnapping, Broadbeard flips the bed, Filen carves a smiley face in the wall, Ryuu smashes the window, and Carmen gets sick of waiting and just starts smashing stuff up. Royal, in a clever move, attempts to use his disguise kit… and changes her hair, but draws an epic moustache on her upper lip. They leave, and lock the door them and head for the stairs.

They get approached by guards at the top of the stairs because of they heard a ruckus, and Royal says “uhhh… we were just done entertaining the Princess,” and the guards go to check on the Princess, Astor goes, “uhhh… don’t do that, the Princess is… loudly reading.”

Ended session here, because holy shit. Holy fucking shit.

Tune in next time, where we see how the party gets out of this scenario. And hey, maybe they’ll roll better.

… they better start praying to me, your Goddex and beloved DM, Asari.



Drawbridges (Session One)

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